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Business Management Post-Graduate Certificate

Who it’s for

You are looking to take your professional experience to the next level. You have a keen interest in learning the business basics, including finance and management practices that are commonplace in Canadian industries.

What you’ll learn

You will examine introductory business, economics, finance and management practices, with an emphasis on applied concepts typically encountered in Canadian workplaces.

Program details

Program length:

1 year full time (12 months)


Post-Graduate Certificate

Work-integrated Learning:


Start Times:

  • Fall / Winter / Spring



Students chatting at a white board using sticky notes to convey their ideas.

Your career

Upon completion of the Business Management program, you will have the background to move into a high position in your company. Your new backgroud in management essentials, including budgeting, governance, human resources, ethics and communication will enhance your skillset and make you very attractive for employers across any industry.

Career opportunities

  • Manager
  • Team leader
  • Consultant
  • Financial officer
  • Business owner

Career opportunities

  • Manager
  • Team leader
  • Consultant
  • Financial officer
  • Business owner

Program features and outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of business operation in Canada
  • Learn a variety of management techniques and subset skills
  • Pre-requisite for other post-graduate programs at MITT
  • Show effective skills in written and oral communications across multiple channels
  • Understand the importance of ethics in a variety of environments
  • Gain competency in commonly-used software

Key Program Courses

  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Principles of Economics
  • Budgeting and Financial Management
  • Organizational Behaviour for Corporate Governance

Admission requirements

  • An undergraduate diploma or degree, with good academic standing. A minimum of 2 years of full-time undergraduate level coursework may also be considered
  • Demonstrated English Language Proficiency (if educated outside Canada)
  • Current resume or CV
  • Admission may be competitive; meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission

Student success stories

Silhoutte of a person

I have been working on community development and social work for the last seven years, and even though my expertise is in social sciences, this program at MITT is giving me a whole new perspective to approach my professional field. Studying Business Management, I am learning not only business, but also leadership and effective management skills.

— Barbara Gonzalez Segovia